Candy apple DIY

Hello everyone! It’s finally beginning to feel like fall! One of my favorite things about fall is caramel apples! I thought it would fun to make my own fun autumnal apples. Very fun and easy to make! Here’s a little -how to- for a great fall treat 🙂    you will need: caramel squares, peanuts, … More Candy apple DIY

Unprofessional Opinion: Pumpkin flavored everything

Hello everyone! Its that time of year again, fall is right around the corner, which means that anything and everything is going to be pumpkin flavored. I LOVE fall, its the most wonderful time of year, but the pumpkin madness needs to stop! I have seen lots of different things get the pumpkin twist , … More Unprofessional Opinion: Pumpkin flavored everything

LUSH haul!

I recently took a visit to my nearest Lush store, and it might have been a mistake. I went a tad bit overboard. BUT, since I did I might as well make a blog post about my finding 🙂 . First off I only went in there to find some bath bombs because I was … More LUSH haul!

Fashion Friday

Hello everyone! So here’s another fashion blog on Friday so I decided to call it fashion friday! (Creative I know),   This dream catcher crop shirt was only eights bucks at Pac Sun! I usually am not a huge fan of crop tops because I don’t feel comfortable in them, but I just loved the … More Fashion Friday

About me!

So today I realized that I never did a true “About me” page so I’m just going to do a fun little blog about, well First things first, I’m Jessie Mae, and I’m nineteen years old ( Ik what your thinking, no way this chick is 19, almost 20, but I swear I am). … More About me!