Summer to Fall: 5 summer favorites to bring into fall!

Even though it feels like it is always 100 degrees outside, fall is right around the corner and all shops are starting to get fall product in. ( crazy I know). It might be hard to think about right now, but it is time to start rummaging through the closet to see what can easily be transitioned into the fall season, and what needs to get put away and forgotten about until next year.

I have recently went through and did just that and have found five things you don’t have to ditch when the weather changes.

Denim Dress: 

download (3)
Liz Claiborne 39.99 at JcPenney

cute denim or chambray dresses are always super cute in the summer, but can be just as cute paired with a cardigan, scarve, tall boots, leggings or all of the above. Denim is just so versatile and can really be matched with alot going into a new season. ( For inspiration for some of the above, look below)

perfect transition outfit!


12.99 from H&M

I wear alot of these light weight cardigan to wear with my favorite tank tops from summer. Most tank tops can easily be converted to fall with the addition of a simple sleeve. Everything from a graphic to a chiffon blouse can be WERKED with this.

maxi skirts:

26.99 from charlotte russe

Maxi skirts are so fun and comfortable so why not bring them into fall! When going for a fall maxi skirt, stick with more earth tones and stay away from loud and summery colors. olive green is such a great color for all year, and you can never go wrong with black! I wear them all year round and have found that you can pair so many things with a solid skirt.

white pants:

shopping (1)
39.00 at Maurices

Whoever said you can’t wear white after labor day should be fired! White pants can look super cute with any fall color scheme. Paired with a cute boot, plaid shirt and a cardigan, you are off! No one should listen to an old fashion tip from forever ago. White pants are an all year long piece!

Rompers or play suits:

shopping (2)
32.00 from ASOS

I practically live in rompers in the summer time! and who says you can bring these into fall too! You can throw a pair of tights or leggings underneath and add a suede or leather jacket to give it some cozy-ness factor. Even with long boots and boot socks would be cute! I cannot wait to get more of my moneys worth with this one!

Truth is, alot of things can get transitioned into fall, just be creative and have fun with it! Show your style!

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