10 signs you might be a shopaholic

If your anything like me, shopping is your favorite pass time and favorite form of exercise.  But Sometimes you go a bit overboard. You might be a shopaholic if… :

  • You find yourself online shopping during your off time.        if you find yourself during your downtime at work or school looking at the cutest new pair of riding boots from TopShop, you are most likely showing signs of a shopaholic.tumblr_nge0z0LuYT1qdjbb7o1_500
  • On your days off you find yourself in the mall.   Do you ever just find yourself going to a mall or a shop and then realize what you are doing but you can’t help yourself? Yeah, shopaholic.How-did-i-get-here-dorothy-wizrd-of-oz
  • Getting an adrenaline rush when you know you got a good sale.  I know I do. when you are walking out of a store feeling like some sort of shopping superhero after all the good deals you just snatched. excited-gif-2
  • your closet seems to be getting smaller?   Wasn’t that closet bigger when you first moved in? It must be getting smaller because its definitely not getting crowded with all your new clothes that you just bought from the big sale down the street.200_s
  • you feel guilty when you didn’t buy something  That cute soft jumper you found at PacSun and told yourself you didn’t need to spend twenty five dollars on, is now the only thing haunting you in your life. images (1)
  • Never having the wear an outfit twice. You have so many different parts of an outfit that it is almost impossible to duplicate them. People could see you everyday for 4 years and still never see you in the exact outfit. And they would know because your style such a bombshell they would notice. Perrie_edwards_shopping_gif_by_littlemixfans-d5h3uaq
  • Forgetting past purchases. Finding a lost bag in the bottom of your closet with the price tags still on your clothes is one of the most biter-sweet moments you can experience. rs_500x209-140606093912-tumblr_n4aelvB9Pb1rizu9io3_500
  • Saving Money is your weakness. Hmmm, Do you use the new paycheck towards rent and gas and normal boring adult like responsibilities, or hit up the new Marshalls down the street. I mean they have great deals everyday!5savedmoney
  • You have enough bags from shops to start your own.  But it is great around the holiday season and hey! recycling! See your shopping is helping the environment… right?tumblr_m19waylRxp1r7l2bo
  • Your friends see you as a Fashionista. But in the end your the best dressed so whose the real winner here?6584c7b1-a767-4431-834b-62737a02bfba{Thanks for visiting! Enjoy what you just read? like and follow my blog! uploads three times a week 🙂 }

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