Fashion Friday


Hello everyone! So here’s another fashion blog on Friday so I decided to call it fashion friday! (Creative I know),
  This dream catcher crop shirt was only eights bucks at Pac Sun! I usually am not a huge fan of crop tops because I don’t feel comfortable in them, but I just loved the way it fits! The color is so pretty too! I think I have a thing for dream catchers recently because I also bought a dream catcher necklace and matching earrings… anyways I’m off topic moving on
And of course I have high waisted shorts . I think crop tops should be worn with high waist shorts all the time. It’s just a good idea! Like , oh this shirt is too short so I’ll make up the length in the shorts.  I mean, it’s perfection. I got these from charrloute rousse when they were having a sale and got those babies for ten dollars! You know that adrenaline rush you get when your shopping and you know you got a great deal? Yeah that’s what I had.

Again, I’m no beauty guru, but I love this lip butter. It’s NYX soft matte lip cream in shade Abu Dhabi and I’m obsessed.  I have so many different shades from this brand and I love them all. They have great pigment and go on smooth, they don’t make your lips dry AND it’s all day wear! What more could you want in lip color!?

I wore this outfit for a night In the park where they show free movies. It was so much fun and my outfit was so comfortable and cool for sitting outside the whole day. I could of put some sort of medium length necklace to even step it up that much more, but when life gives you a time and money limit to pick out and put on clothes, you do what you gotta do to rock it out!

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