Candy apple DIY

Hello everyone! It’s finally beginning to feel like fall! One of my favorite things about fall is caramel apples! I thought it would fun to make my own fun autumnal apples. Very fun and easy to make! Here’s a little -how to- for a great fall treat 🙂



you will need: caramel squares, peanuts, dark chocolate (or any type ) sprinkles, screwers or popcicle sticks, and cup cake tins. { items and toppings  can be subject to change to match whatever you like 🙂 } And of course…..


You can use whatever apples you like. I went to the cutest little farmers market to get these apples and I also got a mix of different ones. Keeping it local 🍎

First start with the toppings. With the peanuts. Put how ever much you want in a plastic ziplock bag. Then use a rolling pin to gently crush them up into pieces  then put them into a bowl.


After washing your apples, Take your scewers or popcicle sticks and put them into the middle, or the core, of each apple about half way. If the scewer is too long you can cut them in half. Ready to dip in caramel as soon as its ready.


To make the caramel sauce, an easy way is to take the cubes and put them into a microwave safe bowl. Add two tablespoons of milk and microwave for a minute and fourty-five seconds. Stop it at half the time to stir it around and again when you take it out. When it is all ready it is Time to dip the apples.
For this make sure to stay steady when dipping them to keep it even coated. Put the apple in the caramel and spin in around coating the apple. I tilt the bowl to get more coverage. Then put them on a plate or cookie sheet until you are ready for the topping.


If you are just doing caramel with nuts, don’t leave them sit for too long or they won’t stick. If wanted for chocolate , let set for just a bit before dipping them in. 
For the peanuts, just take the apple and dip into the peanuts then put Into the cupcake tin.
For the dark chocolate, take about one third of the bag and put into a microwave safe bowl with again two table spoons milk and do the same thing you did with the caramel sauce. When done dip the apple Into the chocolate just like the caramel but then into the sprinkles. ( I went with Halloween ones 🎃) then into the cupcakes tins. If you have extra chocolate (like I did) you can make one really artistic apple by dripping the chocolate on it. Turned out so well!!


Make your own fun caramel apples and add your own spin to it! Its so fast and easy to do for a quick autaum snack!!

{Thank your for reading! If you enjoyed like share of even follow my blog via WordPress or email! And happy snacking:) }

Jessie Mae

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