Summer is right around the corner, and that means shorts, tanks and sunglasses ☀. I went to PACSUN looking to just browse around and see what they had… Which I should have known better, almost $200 later I walked out with a bag of gold.  These are some of the high lights from my pacific sun ware shopping trip.

Kendall and Kylie
I am a huge Kendall Jenner fan ( JUDGE ME). So I’m always interested what she brings out with her Kendall and Kylie brand at pacsun, and they never disappoint. When I first walked in I found super cute shorts, which I need cause no one ever carries a size 0!  Since they had my size and were BOGO FREE ( WHAAT) I couldn’t resist.



First of all, they were BOGO free!
Second , they are super cute and really comfortable and I cannot wait till it gets hot so I can wear them!
Thirdly, they are Kendall and Kylie and I have yet to purchase something from them I don’t like.

Right after I passed through the shorts I found some denim skirts. Denim skirts with buttons up the front are really hot this year, but I wasn’t so sure about them. So I said what the heck might as well get one because I had a really cute one and , you probably guessed it, they were BOGO FREE !



The top skirt pictured is a bit plain and simple, but that’s why I love it. You can do so much with just a simple patterned jean skirt. My favorite thing is the pockets because you don’t see much like it which gives it personality.  It has a 70’s vibe, which I’m really loving so far this year.
The second skirt I picked out with the buttons, but I wanted something a little different then the ones I’ve seen, so I’m really glad I found some with braids. Again, its simple but with little touches of personality to make it stand out. Im sure I will be buying more denim skirts this summer.


This is a halter crop top from Kendall and Kylie, which I bought to match my olive green shorts. I am really loving halter tops ( which you are about to see.) Because they are light and fun and I’m not one to have a bigger chestal region and I think these fit and form to my body shape well.

Me to We

I recently have been trying to broaden my brands and I found this amazing brand that finds a way to give back with every purchase you make. For example, with every me to we product you buy, they donate clean water to those in need. It is an awesome brand with an awesome cause!  These are my picks.

I’m a fan of bandeaus during the summer. I mean they are easy, comfortable, and cool. These ones are a bit plain and casual but that just means I can pair them with a lot more in my wordrobe. 


The nudish colored one I feel I will wear a lot! I mean the possibilities are not endless!


I own a lot of things that can be categorized under the navy color scheme so I felt this was much more of a need than anything.


I said I was going to obsessed with halter tops! This one is a basic but that yellow is so cute! ( and would look great with olive green shorts 😉)  I usually don’t gravitate towards yellow cause I feel it washes me out, but this one is a bit more mute so I feel I can pull this off. And I have a lot of navys and greens that would look super cute with this.


This one is more in my comfort zone with the high neckline. I feel more comfortable in a high neckline since that’s not where my strengths are, but this is a water color halter that is actually reversable with watercolor palm trees on the inside! That way if you somehow find yourself somewhere with no change of clothes, you can flip it out and no one would ever know to wiser! Two day secret wear!


This bracelet is really cool in more than the fact that it looks pretty, it actually is made by women from Kenya in help to give them and their family a better life, like food, water, education etc. I think that these creators behind the me to we project have such a great message to get across along with a quality product to go with it. The more I learn about them, the more I want to buy and help support them. If you never heard of them and want to learn more about their message and goals you can visit it them at the  Me To We’s website .
I am SO ready for summer so I can rock out with my new styles from PacSun! I just need to start tanning my pastey ass legs 😑
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