About me!

So today I realized that I never did a true “About me” page so I’m just going to do a fun little blog about, well ..me.

First things first, I’m Jessie Mae, and I’m nineteen years old ( Ik what your thinking, no way this chick is 19, almost 20, but I swear I am). I have been cursed to look way younger than I actually am. Supposedly I will like this trait as I grow older, as of right now however, I don’t see that happening.

Fun facts:

I am left handed and proud!

My absolute favorite color is orange, even my car is orange.

I was a dancer for 14 years of my life Competitively for four of those years. Which brings me to…

I am horribly competitive. And a sore loser. I wish I wasn’t but I can’t deny the fact that I am. The first step is to admit you have a problem right?

My favorite Tv show is Psych. And if you haven’t heard of it… you need to look it up, it will change your life. Some people would even say I was a tad bit obsessed.

I am much more of a savory person then a sweets person. Pass the cupcakes and bring on the potato chips!

I love anything disney , muppets, or back to the future related.

I work as a part time assistant manager at a retail store, which does not help my shopping and fashion addiction in the slightest. BUT I absolutely love it!

My biggest dream is to travel all around the world and experience  all it has to offer and just have an adventure.

But the biggest of all is that I just want to make a difference.  Spread positivity and happiness. I want to make at least one person reading my blog smile and forget about the stress of life just for a moment. That is my main goal 🙂

That’s just a little bit about myself, thanks for reading and have a great and stylish rest of your day 😉

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