Autumnal playlist 🎃

Hello everyone! These are my top 5 favorite songs of the moment and have absolutely nothing to do with fall but it is fall time and I love music so its going to be my autumnal playlist alright? Great let’s get started.

Marvin Gaye- Charlie Puth ft Meghan Trainor 


: I think this song is so super catchy. I think both of these guys voices fit really well together and its just a fun song .listen here

The Hill- the Weeknd :


this song actually does remind me of fall. I think because it is so smooth and chill just like autumn. I like to listen to this song whenever I’m stressed because his voice calms me down. I quite like all of his songs to be honest. Listen here

Locked Away – R. city ft. Adam Levine:


I just have a thing for Adam levines voice I think. This is one of those songs that just get stuck in my head and the only way to rid it out is to listen to it a billion times more. Yup that’s the stage I’m in right now.

Good for You – Selena Gomez :


I liked this song when it first came out, but I hope the radio doesn’t ruin it for me. Why so they have to overplay popular songs. Yes the song is good, but do I need to hear it a billion times a day? No I don’t, there are plenty of other good songs out there. Share the love! I have gotten way off topic… listen here
Sweater Weather- The neighborhood :


this is another song that actually does sound very festive for this time of year. When I listen to it, it just reminds me of a crisp fall  walk surrounded my color changing trees and the smell of autumn. This song will make you feel like “sweater weather” is upon us. listen here

So that was my top five songs of right now that I’m listening to some that actually have to do with the fall season some not so much… None of the less I hope you enjoyed!  Like, follow,share,read do all of the above even, just enjoy!  🍁🍂🎃 -all images from artists-

Jessie Mae

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