Lipstick Junkie Haul

I am a massive fan of all things lip color and have recently devoted my life to find out what brands and colors I wanted to try out. I usually like to stick to my usuals for safety but I was feeling adventurous. Here are my top picks. 

High street makeup (cheaper) 

My absolute favorite brand is NYX and they never disappoint. 

NYX liquid suede: 

 liquid suede is a matte cream liquid lipstick but its soft when its on. Most mattes make you lips feel dry and uncomfortable throughout the day but this one is soft and comfortable! I even forget I am wearing it! This one is called vintage and love the dark pigment!  NYX website

NYX lip lingerie:

This one is also a matte liquid lipstick with a purple tone. I didn’t really know how I would feel about it not having tried a color similar before but I am OBSESSED with it. The picture does not do it justice at all. IRL it is a purplish almost gray color called embelishment . I highly recommend trying it. 6.99 NYX website

Maybelline color sensational lip color vivids:

Since it is summer I felt like I needed to add a bright color and get out of my dark past. Maybelline color sensationals have great colors and great stain power for you guessed it, a great price. This pink is super vivid and packed with color. 7.99 at 

Revlon ultra HD matte lip color:

Revlon have a good history with me for comftable wear of lipsticks. This new one has a matte finish with a lovely velvety feel with a good pointed applicator for precision which I love! This color is called flirtation which is a slight orangey nude color I would say , a bit less bold but still fabulous! 8.99 at ulta

High end makeup ( upper price) 

I have also recently explored some new brands such as benefit and tarts lip colors as well as my old favorite but new style urban decay vice. 

Benefit hoola lip gloss: 

Usually I don’t think of benefit for the lip colors, only bronzers and eyebrow kits but this is awesome! It is a lip gloss so its color is more suttle but with a nude shimmer for those on the go casual days which I adore. Theres a time for this gloss for sure! $16 at

Tarts lipsurgence lip creme: 

This a lip crayon which is a bit easier to apply. It is a creme which means its soft and moisturizing with a color that stays put! In the color rose berry a deeper pink. I love a good lip crayon โค. $24 from tarte 

Urban decay Vice lip color: 

These urban decay “bullets” are right up my alley! I am absolutely obsessed with these colors and styles they have creme, comfort matte, metallized, sheer with over 100 shades! The one above is called black mail which is a comfort matte in a deep berry color. If you want a bold look, you can’t get bolder than this! My favorite! 

Another color I got was conspiracy in metallized. 

This is a bronzy color which is magnificent on! I love how it shines in the light and puts a whole new meaning to the world bold. I have been wearing this one all the time just to show off my bronzy glow! Perfect for a sun kissed bronzer look. 

Each of these are $17 a bullet on urban decays website

For all you lip junkies out there, I would encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try new colors and styles! I have loved it!

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