LUSH haul!


I recently took a visit to my nearest Lush store, and it might have been a mistake. I went a tad bit overboard. BUT, since I did I might as well make a blog post about my finding 🙂 .

First off I only went in there to find some bath bombs because I was running low and I love a good bath (no judgement ).  And I found much more then that. The first thing I found was the one thing I went in there for which was



  I had this bath bomb once before but I had to get it again. It doesn’t have an overwhelming sweet scent . It says it’s to relax you before you go to bed, I honestly think it does. Needless to say one of my must haves.
  Dragons Egg:


this is one I had never had before but just from the description and the smell I can’t wait to try it! It says  it crackles and explodes with color and at the end glitter! I mean what could be better. As for the smell, it smells of citrus but more sherbert-y. And I told myself I had to try it.
Sticking with the glitter theme,        Space girl:


this one has glitter all over it so of course I had to get it! It has hints of a grapefruit smell to it and the shape looks like saturn. I guess that’s why they call it space girl. I can’t wait to put this into my bath and see what it all can do. Any bath bomb that has a different shape to it I wanna try. It for sure has personality points.
The comforter:


this one is a bubble bar. If you don’t know what this is or does, basically you crumble some of the bar under the running of your bath and creates bubbles. This one smells so sweet too. I almost could eat it. The best part is you can use this one for multiple baths! Good investment in my opinion.
Rockstar soap :


this is my all time favorite of the lush soaps. The smell is soo good I can’t get enough! I always grab some if I ever walk into that store.
Honey I washed the kids soap


: this is another one of my favorites. This one you would think would smell of honey but smells more of like a caramel or a toffee but  I love it. It really makes you skin feel super smooth.
Popcorn lip scrub:


I picked this is up because I had tried other ones but this one just a different flavor. You rub it on your lips and makes them super soft. I usually use it before I put on my lip color for the day and makes them super soft. And a plus , tastes great!
Decisive lip color:


Now I have never tried their makeup collection and it is a bit pricey but I thought why not!  I did try it and I really like it! It is smooth and it has great pigment! I even think I might try some of their other colors. I did have to re apply quite a bit but the color was phenomenal. Way to go Lush.

This was just some of the things I picked up during my last visit to lush! If you enjoyed please like and share or even follow my blog! Thanks for reading. 🙂 have a great and stylish rest of your day. ( all pics I got from Lush website)

Jessie Mae

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