NYX perfection. Product review

This is a bit random, and I’m no expert ( on anything really) but, I have found a product that I am absolutely obsessed with! And it is the NYX liquid lipstick lingerie.
Liquid lipsticks seems to be hyped up right now so I thought I would give it a shot because I am a total lipstick junkie anyway. When I saw my favorite affordable brand NYX had it, I knew exactly which one I should try first.

I started off with a dark color called Teddy because I am really loving the dark and bold shades right now.  First of all , the pigment is incredible! And the matte finish just makes it that much better. The stain and stay power is mind blowing, it has all day wear!


I find this so cool because NYX products almost never let me down. Their quality really out does their price. Not saying they should raise it. ( in fact please don’t ) but I’m getting the same quality as I would with a tarte product for much more affordable price! Which makes me super happy 😍.

So of course I had to go back and buy more! Since spring is right around the corner ( or at least I hope it is) I thought I should try a lighter pinkish color.


Which brought me to the Lace Overlay . I’m a little skeptic when it comes to lighter colors on matte shades because I feel like the coverage could be a bit better and bolder perhaps so it a brave decision for me to go for this one. It’s a light , suttle pink, and I’m super happy because its coverage, of course, is amazing. And now I can’t wait for spring so I can flaunt this baby.

If you are thinking of trying out the liquid lipsticks, the NYX is perfect starter for you. The price, the pigment, and personality is prefect. I could not be happier with these and I found a new favorite lip product! I WILL own all the shades. Thanks NYX for supporting my lip color addiction.  Find yours at NYX website.
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Jessie Mae

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