Snow Day Essentials

Its that time of year when snow starts to fall and slowly ruins all of our lives. But just because its so F**king cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t look hot! Here are my snow day essentials.

Bubble hat- 

Topshop US

honestly, you can’t go wrong with a classic bubble hat to keep your head warm.  My all time favorite is the ones with the cute fur pom pom. Not only are these little buggers cute but they keep your head and ears warm during those nasty winter walks across campus. Bad hair day? NO PROBLEM! throw on a hat! Perfect for all occasions… Now I sound like a damn infomercial. #sorrynotsorry



Not just any Parka, but an Army green Parka! this not only super warm and comfy but army green, ( my FAV color at the moment), and super cute! I mean who doesn’t want to look like a cute Eskimo on a cold winter day? this one in particular is pretty pricey but so worth it.

FUR scarves- 

download (1)pMAUR1-21368081v275

Listen, Fur is a huge trend this winter season, so I decided to embrace it. These particular ones are from Maurices because they are 75% off! so why freaking not! These are more of a plush and softer version of fur. Some fur things are so thick and rough, but these just have the look of fur but feel like a plush blanket around your neck, again perfect!

Snow boots- 

download (2)


You need a boot that’s not only cute but does its job when your trying to walk in the snow. Some boots are made for just fashion purposes and don’t really do the job of a proper boot. That’s why these are the best choice, cute BUT also practical with good traction!



Gloves are an essential for that brisk winter air. These gloves can convert to mittens, if you get a text or need a finger to show someone how your feeling after they drove into a puddle right next to you getting completely soaked in freezing cold dirty water, just simply put back the mitten part! I think they are super cute and cool! and only $4 dollars!

Everything you need to stay warm and HOT on a horrible, miserable, winter snow day.

{thank you for reading, please share, like, read, comment, just enjoy!}


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