Why being 20 sucks.

I’ve only been twenty years old for a month now, and it already sucks! Why does 20 have to be such a horrible age in The USA. Its all like “Hey, I’m gonna only give you the shit parts of adulthood, but you have to wait for the good half!” Why does 20 suck so bad you ask? Well…

You can ALMOST rent a car


almost any good rental car place you have to be 21 on order to use. What I think is bull, is you can buy a plane ticket and go wherever you want, but once your there, you have to rely on either your walking ability, or public transportation. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You can ALMOST go to a casino


I’m not saying I want to gamble or encouraging the act of it, but I’m all about experiences. And the fact that you can ALMOST get in is just so frustrating.

You can ALMOST drink…publicly

Tell me you don't want to try at least one of these?

Again, I’m no alcoholic, or pushing it on anyone, but some drinks just look so god damn cool! I want to enrich my life OK! I want the snow cone alcohol beverage while I play skee ball at Dave and busters. I want a cotton candy martini while eating a big fat fluffy sweet in a public environment. I want that big ole fish bowl margarita at those Mexican restaurants that look like its filled with enough booze to kill a small horse.

Even get married??


Yes in some states in America, like Mississippi, you have to be 21 to get married without parental consent. I mean, I’m in no hurry to get married, I still have life to live! But I feel we all should have the ability to do so at 18 if we wanted to.

Most of the reasons for the frustration is the ALMOST factor. People always say “you have your whole life to do all those things”. TRUE,  but the fact is I’m so close yet so far away!  Why is it that other countries have all these rights at 18 but us it is 21? COME ON AMERICA , get your shit together.

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Jessie Mae

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