October Obsessions🎃🍁

This post is all about my favorite bits and bobs from October! Everything from home, to Halloween, and everything in between!



chuck Taylor all stars in the classic color of white. I am in love with these because you can wear them with almost anything. They have saved my life a couple of times. $50 from converse.com

puffer Vest:


nothing says fall like a cute fur and maroon puffer vest. Usually I’m not huge on fur, but I could not pass this one up. I have worn it with plaid shirts, demin tops, and sweaters, so I have gotten good wear out of it! I could really get into layering with it as well.    $59 maurices.com

Olsenboye Beenie:


I have been really into beenies this fall, this is the one I wear the most. Again I’m a huge fan of diversity. Bad hair day? Beenie. Skipped a wash day? Beenie. Unexpected zit on your for head? Beenie. I think I’ve made my point . only $6.99 at Jcpenney. Talk about a steal.

Chain braid headband:


sticking with the hair theme, I love headbands! I don’t know what it is about this particular one that I like so much but I do! $7.99 at wetseal.com

Untainted spice lip color:


i am a huge lip color junkie and Maybelline color sensations buff collection in untainted spice is my favorite ! I have had great experiences with maybelline with incredible color stain. Fall favorite for sure. $5.79 at walgreens.

Now on to my home faves!

Color changing ghost lights:


what is perfect for Halloween and also just super cute? A string of cute little color changing ghosts. I currently have them hanging in my room… Yes its November, but unlike everyone else in the world,  still full of Halloween spirit. Target for $12. Well probably less then that now.

Burlap pumpkin:


for only $10 ( I know such a steal) from again Target, an extremely cute and good for all of fall , burlap pumpkin! I can get by keeping these up for all of November to! #Diversity.

Vanilla Pumpkin marshmallow candle:


Typical white girl moment here, this is my favorite candle from bath and body works! You know those super sweet smelling candles that sometimes can give you a headache? This is NOT one of them. It’s not too sweet but yet still smells like the best thing ever! AND its in a cute little mason jar. What could be better? $12.50 reg. Now $6.25! What a deal! Go get one! bath and body works
Sweet cinnamon pumpkin lotion: 


I love bath and body’s ultra Shea body cream, and this one smells like heaven.  And $13 from bath and body. Sweet cinnamon pumpkin is one of the best smells there, no joke.

Favorite October Movie: Corpse Bride


I could of gone with hocus pocus or ghostbusters or some scary Shit but I’m a huge Tim Burton fan and I really enjoyed The corpse bride. I think I like it because it’s so dark but also clever as hell.  And the songs in it, so freaking catchy! I watched it way too much this season…

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Jessie Mae

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