Why me? :my socially awkward life

This post is going to be just a little different then what I usually post. So being me, I have very, let’s just say, interesting moments in my life. I like to consider myself not so much as an awkward person, more like and awkward enabler. If there is anyway to make a situation awkward or at all strange I will find a way. That being said, I am going to share something that happened to me today, and happens quite often..

I was just doing normal work like tasks, as usual, putting away clothes, organizing clothes, folding clothes… Well you get the idea, when some one comes in, so as normal I walk up to her give her a hello but this one I suppose could not hear me and just looked at me like this


Exactly like that….
So I just carry on and ask if she needs help finding anything today … Then her whole face changed to a more stern confused, which also confused me on return.


In my head I’m thinking.. Do I smell? Am I offending her? Am I mumbling again? ( which I do quite a lot) . later I ask her again if she needs help ( and this point of making a point to talk like a normal human being instead of a disgruntled llama) . and I’m still getting bubkis. So I do like any normal human does…and  ask her friend if she’s alright. Her friend then tells me that the lady is deaf… Yup I’ve  been almost screaming at this poor innocent lady and she literally cannot hear me…


As if that wasn’t cringe enough… I then said. “Oh maybe that’s best, she might get a lower phone bill”…..




I am a horrible.. Horrible human being…. When I find myself in an awkward situation I find that words just seem to fly out of my mouth in the form of humor…. Not great humor as well.
As you could probably think.. My mind just exploded and I was ready to quit my job and move to mexico when her friend started to laugh. She replied with “I’ve never heard that before! ” followed by more laughing . was it more awkward laughing or true happiness I couldn’t tell but luckily they both had a sense of humor.
Why does my mouth and mind not communicate when stuff like this happens?!  I am SO happy they weren’t offended. I mean I would of been! Its like she knew I didn’t mean to say it.
Leave it to me to use humor for evil… This is not the first time to happen to me. Silence is deadly with me cause my mind takes it as ” oh I better say something to fill this silence” . No NO. Don’t ever let this happen to you. Learn from my mistakes.

Is anyone else like me or do I suffer alone with social awkwardness?
Well… I hope you learned, or laughed at my own expense from this horrible experience in my  life
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Jessie Mae

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