Unprofessional Opinion: Amy Schumer is comedy gold

Hello there everyone, its Jessie Mae here to offer my Unprofessional opinion about Amy Schumer.

I went to go see  Amy Schumers new movie, Trainwreck,  over the weekend, and I have to tell you it is a home run. I have been a fan of Amy for awhile with all of her quick witted jokes and every turn. From her great show inside Amy Schumer , to her hosting the MTV Movie Awards, to all of her hilarious stand up and talk show interviews. She has taken the comedy world by storm.

But why is it that she is quickly becoming Americas sweetheart? well I have a couple opinions about the subject.

  •  She’s quick on her feet.  Honestly I don’t know how she comes up with some of her stuff. I like to think of myself as a semi- funny person, but she just blows everyone out of the water. She can hold her own weight around some of the best male comics and even blow them out of the water. I could honestly watch her all day and just laugh.
  • Very personable. I feel like every one can connect with her jokes in some sort of way. Every single joke she does about food, I feel her. Its like she knows me. Me and food have a very special relationship and she gets it! Just life in general, she is so real. which brings me right back to the next reason.
  • She is real.  She just seems like a real person and her jokes just seem to support that. She isn’t trying to be someone she is not, she is just  trying to be herself. Shes okay with putting herself out there and being able to laugh at herself, which I think we could all do once in ahwile. Just let go and don’t be so serious. Even though her fame just exploded, she stills seems to be in touch with herself, which is what I like to see.

Her new movie puts all of the reasons I love her together which makes is super memorable and funny. I will  get it as soon as it comes out on blue ray. Shes funny and witty and real and I cannot wait to see what she does next!

If you don’t believe me, here’s her interview from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And you can decide for yourself.

{ Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed and made you laugh or at least smile a bit to break the negativity up in the world. If you liked it make sure to like it and follow my blog! I upload three times a week! thanks and DO YOU! 🙂 }

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