Fourth Fun!

I know I’ve been absent for awhile but I’ve been working quite a bit through this past week and holiday weekend. BUT I did manage to pull together what I thought was a killer fourth of July outfit!

First I found a super cute patriotic floral headband at icing. I usually am not a huge fan of flower crowns but this one was just too perfect to pass up. I will have to find more outfits to work this into. In fact, I might have to start buying more of them because I think they look so cute on!

I had to work on the fourth this year, so my outfit had to be work ready yet still cute and festive. I went with a super cute light denim dress which I got at Maurices, (of course, I swear it’s not good for me to work there). And underneath I wore a navy blue cami just to add more color. It turned out to super comfortable and cute!

As for my shoes for the day, I went with my bright red Keds canvas shoes. I own way too many pairs of these shoes but they just come in so many different colors and styles that you can wear them with any outfit!

Now, I am not by all means a make up expert In any way , shape or form, but I do love it! I’m a huge fan of lip color. I really feel like it can pull an entire outfit together. Since it was the fourth, I went with ruby star COLORsensational  lip stick. It’s a nice bright red with hints of shimmer. So perfect for The Fourth! It stayed on so well through the day. I only had to touch up twice, once during my lunch break and the next before the fireworks show.

My outfit was comfy and cute and lasted all day. The best part is, I can use each piece of my outfit again so its not just good for one thing, I can mix and match and wear each thing in a whole new outfit.

I know it is a bit delayed, but I hope every one had a great, safe, and stylish fourth of July!! 🙂

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