We have to go back… Back to the Future!

Great Scott!!! Today marks 30 years since Back to the Future premiered in 1985! 1631280-doc_brown_full                                                                                                                          So why not talk about the legend that is Back to the Future.

Back to the future is my all time favorite movie starring my celebrity crush, Micheal J Fox. It broke so many boundaries of its time, and the fact that it is still popular today is amazing! I am going to go through all of my favorite things about this blockbuster hit. I mean I have all this useless movie knowledge in my head, might as well get it out somehow right?

They have a time traveling Delorean! They could of had any car and they picked the bad ass Delorean. Honestly I don’t think they could of chose a better car. It just fits the role so well.

The fact that they almost had a time traveling fridge, blows my mind. can you imagine how much that would change the movie. Instead of Einstein being the first time traveler, Do you think it would be some left over spaghetti. I don’t even want to think about that.


The jokes are perfect.


This one comes up a lot throughout the movie, and still makes me laugh every time.

“If you want a pepsi pal you’re gonna pay for it!”    How can you not find that hilarious?

Oh and don’t forget, since it is 2015, Pepsi! where is our Pepsi Perfect??  pepsiperfefct

Gorge McFly is a character that is for sure. But this quote is top of the line.


Probably the best thing is the casting. 

Whoever did the casting for this movie should go into the hall of fame because it is perfect. Christopher Lloyd is perfect for Doc Brown. And of course Micheal J Fox for Marty. I cannot even imagine someone else in Marty’s shoes. I mean look how odd it looks without him.

Eric-Stoltz-left-006that is so weird… like an alternate universe.

and the fact that after all these years and the struggles hes been through. Micheal J Fox has still got it.


I don’t think This movie with ever get old. I bet it will be around forever and every one will still quote it in daily life, or at least I will. I hope the same for Micheal. I mean look at him he’s just perfection!  michael_j_fox

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