Summer music Playlist

Music is my favorite thing about summer. They release so many memories when you hear them. That is why I have a summer staples playlist. These Songs are the sounds of my Summer! These are the songs from my everyday Car concerts that I have. #noshame

  1. Shut up and Dance- Walk the Moon
    1. When I hear this song I cannot help but dance! I don’t know if its the song or the beat or what but I will forever think of summer when I hear their song. I also decided to look up more songs by them and they are fantastic ( not to mention the lead singer Nicholas Petricca, is A cutie patootti !)

      Your welcome ;)
      Your welcome 😉
  2. Love Me Like You do- Ellie Goulding
    1. First of all I love Ellie Goulding, her songs just get stuck in my head in a way that I don’t mind. When this song comes on, I cannot help but sing along to it! When she hits the high point of the song, I am screaming it right along with her! I am not even ashamed. Sing it girl!
  3. A Thousand Miles- Vanessa CarltonEllie-Goulding-–-Love-Me-Like-You-Do
    1. Yes, I know this song came out in 2002, But every time I hear this song, I just get so happy! This is such a chick song, But it is contagious. It will always be one of my favorite Summer Staples!
  4. Sugar- Maroon 5
    1.  This chorus and Just the fact that Adam Lavine Sounds like a freaking angel Makes this a great Summer song. Plus, Have you seen the music video for this song? SO adorable! Makes the song that much better. Music video for Sugar
  5. Dear Future Husband- Meghan Trainor
    1. Has Meghan Trainor had a bad song yet? This is by far my favorite song of hers so far. I think its the fact that 1: super catchy, 2: The overall song of it kind of sounds a bit vintage at points and I Love It!, and 3: Again, I physically can’t help but dance when this comes on.

  6. Fight Song- Rachel Platten
    1. This song is just super empowering, Like after I listen to this song I am so motivated to do anything. For example, after I heard this song the other day I felt like I could finally cook a grilled cheese right, without jacking it up. Umm to update you on that… I can’t.
  7. Can’t Feel My Face- The Weeknd
    1. For the record, I liked the weeknd before he was Super Famous and always knew he would get to where he is now. I guess you could say I am some sort of music genius, kidding… maybe
  8. Hey Mama- David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj

I think its the dancer in me, but when I hear this song, I literally picture a whole choreographed hip-hop number                     in my  head. Its just so up beat I can’t help it.

9. Want to Want me- Jason Derulo

This Song is great because its Jason Derulo and I am a fan of his. Am I still a little upset about the breakup                          between him and Jordan Sparks? Yes, but I still love his music. I’m also really excited about him being a Judge                    on So You Think You Can Dance this season. #YearoftheTap.

10. Uptown Funk-Mark Ronson ft Bruno Marsjason

The ultimate Summer 2K15 Song. Enough Said

Well thats my playlist for this summer. Now go out and Enjoy your soundtrack of your Summer and make Some Memories Damn it!

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