Lets talk about… Fashion Trends

Hello everyone! Today lets talk about fashion trends. One that I noticed and fell quite in love with is for one; high waisted shorts, and two; bra-letts. These two components are great together or individually. I work in a retail store, and my customers are always asking about these two and how to wear them. Thank goodness high waist shorts came back! In a big way as well. I love them because they are so versatile! you can wear them with just a regular tank or a cute crop top,A  button up tank,  but my personal favorite is mixing these with a plain tank but spicing it up with… yeah you can probably guess, a bra-lett!

These are the perfect combination for a hot summer afternoon in the sun. it is cool and comfy and super stylish!  To even add more to to the outfit , This is super easy to accessorize with. Add a necklace and a set of bracelets and you are set!  I find hair bands to look great as well! As for footwear,  I personally wear this outfit with some color matching Keds canvas shoes to tie it all together Since I have a more casual look. ( I might have a slight obsession with Keds). You can wear some gladiator sandals as well to even kick it up another notch.

I always get my high waist shorts from Wet Seal. They have such a good selection of styles and colors to choose from. Wet Seal is my one stop shop for high waisted shorts. As for my bra-lett addiction, I find many different stores carry very different styles. For me, I find great bra-letts like the one in the picture, and Pacsun. They have great patterns to offer. If you want more of a solid color or a bra-lett that offers more support, ( a problem I do not have), I found Kohls to be a great place as well as Maurice’s stores.

With this outfit, you can take it from fun in the sun, to night on the town with the appropriate accessories! Thank goodness these trends came back!  They have become my summer go to!

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